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#1 Posted : 12 December 2015 19:43:17(UTC)

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I thought I might write a quick blog here based upon my experience with a two pronged attack on the top ranking of Google pages currently being dominated by American and European pages.

The basic plan is simple:

1. Get a domain name relevant to scoring high rankings on Google Search - I have chosen www.TopOnGoogle.com

2. Persuade an Indian SEO company (you probably receive a Google Mail, Hotmail or Outlook.com email from them every day of the week after all) to engage themselves with your page/site and climb it to the top of the ranking under what must be the hardest set of keywords there are (even more than insurance surely) SEO

The thinking is pretty straightforward also - if they can get your SEO website www.TopOnGoogle.com to, quite literally, the top on Google, they must be worth marketing in the UK and Europe. The difference in cost of an Indian SEO company compared to America or Europe is considerable and so if we can bridge the gap we can offer great value services of similar quality at a fraction of the cost and with a recognised UK company fronting the operation we can offer the guarantees and explanations that the Indian marketers seem to find more difficult to communicate. At present we are in discussion with a couple of companies in India and I will report back on our progress as time goes by.
#2 Posted : 17 December 2015 14:11:56(UTC)

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OK so thus far I have tried several ways of contacting different SEO companies overseas.

Every day I receive an email along the lines of:

Hope you are doing well!
We are an Indian based Web solution company with over 6 years of experience and offer SEO, SMO, SEM, Website Design and Development Services at affordable packages. We have team of more than 70+ professional skilled with latest technological advancement.
We are pleased to announce that our company is offering 30% flat discount on all SEO Packages on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas & New Year season to enhance your business this holiday season.
Using ethical white hat SEO techniques, we are now more focused on below activities:
 Research & Analysis
 Depth On Page Optimization
 Content Marketing
 Social Media Promotions & Branding
 High Quality Links
 Blogging
 Video Marketing
 Review Posting
Please let us know if you are willing to promote your website.

Marketing Team

Note: - If this is something you are interested, please respond to this email. If this is not your interest, don't worry, we will not email you again.

Now these emails are obviously sent from Hotmail, GMail, Outlook.com etc. And all of the SEO companies in India etc. use the same tactic to stop people blocking them when they spam from their email account. The comment at the end explaining that they will never email again is to avoid being inundated with emails complaining about spam, they will certainly email us again. Although this is all a bit rude it is only to be expected based on simple statistics alone.

Now whether these are simply loners sitting in their bedroom or companies of a small number of people, if they are interested in starting communication then surely they have some service for which they can be paid. Yet no one seems able to respond to any of my messages. Confusingly many of these email addresses are unable to receive email at all and so the purpose of the spamming escapes me in the first place. Presumably this is due to GMail shutting them down due to excessive emailing before I even get to reply to them.

Anyway the bottom line is that we are still in search of an SEO partner that is trading in India that we can liaise for here in the UK so any interested parties can still apply.

#3 Posted : 04 January 2016 11:55:51(UTC)

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Well having not heard anything back from our friends at the last two SEO offers I decided to try responding to this email:

HI Sir/Madam
Can you outsource some SEO business to us? We will work according to you and your clients and for a Long term relationship.
We will target in this Price More than 15 keywords.
Looking forward for your positive reply.
Best Regards!

My message was simple and straightforward as we really are looking to get some SEO people on board ASAP:

Hello Name,

Can you give us some examples of your work so we can be sure that you are a good partner for us?


Now, the SEO site we are looking to improve is in order to sell SEO services back in the UK and so we are still interested in taking as many trials on as possible where we simply give them access to one of our sites and see how they fair with increasing the site ranking on that website with keywords that will advertise their services. These keywords can be selected by the SEO company as keyword selection is a big part of SEO.

So what are we looking at here?

An SEO company that selects their own keywords, is having calls answered in an English office and prospects chased up by an English company and yet no one wants to bite.

We realise that many of these companies are simply one-person Hotmail users with no experience but surely they have read all the SEO literature on the internet and so they can have a crack at making this work. No one is expecting to be paid in advance are they?

#4 Posted : 09 December 2016 07:10:19(UTC)

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Have you considered partnering with someone more dependable rather than a guy in a room with a laptop somewhere? Ingeneral all of those companies that allegedly have 28 employees and loads of example sites are all just part of the same scam and those sites are leased to them by another scammer who sells people the idea of an SEO franchise but they never get any business anyway and don't know how to do SEO anyway.
#5 Posted : 24 December 2016 18:47:19(UTC)

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Our experience is that most of the established Indian SEO companies really aren't that cheap and are not as experienced as the UK crews that they can allegedly undercut.
#6 Posted : 12 January 2017 10:39:34(UTC)

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So are you attempting to outsource all of your SEO work to India?

I would recommend against that for a couple of reasons..

Number one being that SEO is a cutting edge market and as you are in the U.K. you are quite close to the front of that market and so would be better off sticking to local companies that are closely monitoring Google's algorithmn updates. Indian companies are often trying to combat SEO with pure manpower and Google will often penalise you for that.

Number two is that the UK has unwittingly outsourced all Ecommerce to Amazon & eBay and all search to Google and that this continual piggy-backing off of the US or India will ultimately destroy any E-intelligence or motivation in the UK for the future.
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